The Painted River Project

The key aim of The Painted River project is to highlight the importance of healthy rivers and water catchments have to the future of the Sydney region and it seek to communicate this message through community interaction where art meets science in a creative collaboration.

The Painted River endeavours to engage the community through art on the health and future vision for the rivers in the Sydney catchment. Given that Western Sydney is Australia’s third biggest economy and one of the countries fastest expanding region, water and the environment needs to be central to the future planning of the region. Water and our river systems are the foundation of healthy cities and human well-being.

This inaugural Painted River Project, now part of Riverfest seeks to reimagine, through a public painting event, a new future for the Duck River.

Riverfest 2017 is hosted by Cumberland Council together with the Parramatta River Catchment Group (PRCG), an alliance of local councils, state government agencies and community groups. The event is a key part of the PRCG’s Our Living River initiative to make Parramatta River swimmable again by 2025.

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